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A before and after school program offered by 菠菜网lol正规平台

The Kids’ Club program provides quality experiences, companionship, activities, supervision and guidance to school age children.  Each of these attributes is so important to a child’s well-being. 

Our belief is that the school age years are critical to the lives of young children.  As each child develops and grows, it is essential that opportunities to meet social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs are provided. 

Additionally, it is our belief that all children have dignity and self-worth.  They grow best in a supportive environment where they can make positive choices, work with their peers, develop a positive self-image, and respect themselves and others.

The Kids’ Club is housed at 10 elementary school campuses where the child attends.  This allows the program an optimum opportunity to function as an extension of the instructional school day, the immediate family, and community.  The program enriches the student’s day in a variety of ways such as, art exploration, science activities, cooking activities, and outdoor recreational activities.  Also, there is a Homework Club where students are encouraged to complete their daily schoolwork in a quiet environment.

Childcare is provided on a traditional school year calendar and a summer program is offered at limited sites.  Kids’ Club is available to students in kindergarten to 5th grade.  The student must be enrolled at the school where a Kids’ Club is offered.  It is a parent-paid program. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call Shannon McCone, Manager, at (562) 627-1022, extensions 296, 297, or 299.

Kids' Club Online Payment

School Supervisor Phone
Bixby Ella Enciso (562) 498-5718
Cleveland Shannon Vaca (562) 425-2258


Madison Velasquez (562) 497-1838
Emerson Marivi Linares (562) 429-5238
Fremont Kayley Van Fleet (562) 856-2751
Gant Jimmitra Crawford (562) 493-5197
Henry Ashlene Clinco (562) 420-2168
Lowell Madison Ligon (562) 434-7968
Newcomb Lacey Rogers (562) 430-7104
Prisk Allison Thompson (562) 493-0818
Twain Jeannette Ruiz (562) 425-7443